Hello, loyal and much loved readers!

You may have noticed that we haven't updated over the past few weeks. The reason for this is outlined on the Tumblr and Twitter pages, but we acknowledge the likelihood that not everyone follows those. Accordingly, here we are, spreading the word.

Unfortunately, our artist Vixie Bee experienced what scientists are calling '2015 fucking sucks' by having two family members pass away literally in the same weekend. This in and of itself is exceptionally emotionally harrowing, but the subsequent required absences from her school has led to a build-up of schoolwork. Naturally, the only humane option was to institute a hiatus for our comic! Vixie is our dear friend – even if she wasn't, we aren't monsters.

Hero-Wins is by no means gone forever; Vixie is looking forward to get back to building up our buffer and telling the story we've built. We hope to be back for the new year and we certainly hope you'll be there with us!

- The HeroWins Team