An update!

Hark - a mysterious noise! Could it be a Hero-Wins update? We're terribly sorry about how much time this update took, but, to paraphrase Ian Malcolm, life uh got in the way. Aggressively so.

But enough depressing Doylist stuff.

These two upstanding citizens are Zoe Silva and Felix Leblanc. They like to relax from their regular job of getting mauled by allegedly domesticated cats by running into burning buildings. It may seem, in future pages, like these two are the only fire fighters in all of Cavendish. They feel that way as well.

Also, the unseen terrified cat was initially named Daisy in the script, but changed to Marmalade in post-production. Accordingly, it is this writer's head-canon that her full name is Ye Olde Daisy Marmalade because Mr. Peterson likes Patti LaBelle, but wasn't very good at making out song lyrics even before his hearing started to go.